Health and Safety – Educational Visits

Introduction to Health and Safety and Risk Assessment

The Museum expects all organisations to have completed their usual visit risk assessment process. In the case of schools this will be in line with the ECC Education Visit H&S Code of Practice. Additional measures specific to our site are suggested in the Site Risk Assessment Document

The Group Leader should

  • Take responsibility for the behaviour of all pupils. School parties behaving in an unreasonable manner or in a manner that is deemed unsafe for themselves or others will be asked to leave the Museum.
  • Be familiar with Fire and Emergency Evacuation Procedure (below) and brief all accompanying adults.
  • Be familiar with the procedures for getting lost or separated (below) and brief all pupils and accompanying adults.
  • Brief accompanying adults on all hazards identified in the Risk Assessment.

Teachers / Accompanying Adults should

  • Observe a minimum supervision ratio of 1 to 5 at KS1, 1 to 8 at KS2 and 1 to 15 at KS3 and above.
  • Supervise all visits to the toilet and shop.
  • Supervise the access of pupils to all equipment and exhibits.
  • Monitor the behaviour of the pupils constantly throughout the visit.
  • Conduct a head count at regular points throughout the visit, especially on arrival and departure.

Fire and Emergency Evacuation Procedures

  • All fire exits are lit up and are identifiable as a green sign with a white arrow and a running figure. Museum staff will sound the alarm should an emergency occur.
  • If an emergency occurs and you hear a fire bell ringing in the generator hall, the designated adult accompanying each group of pupils must lead the group out of the building through the nearest fire exit.
  • A member of Museum staff will direct you to the fire evacuation assembly point which is at the front of the miniature steam railway station across the yard at the rear of the Museum buildings.
  • Do not try to find any belongings; leave the building immediately.
    Museum staff will check the entire building to make sure that everyone is safely outside.
  • It is vital that the Group Leader/Teacher in charge knows the number of pupils and adults in their party. We recommend a head count is conducted at regular points throughout the visit, especially on arrival and on departure.

Procedure for a Child Becoming Lost or Separated

The Museum is a small site. The following procedure should be communicated to the children on arrival: In the unlikely event of a pupil becoming lost or separated form their group, pupils should look for a member of staff and tell them they are lost, failing which, try to find their way back to the central exhibition area and go to the Ticket Desk.