Miniature Railway

The Langford and Beeleigh Miniature Railway

The main station, ‘Langford’, is on the far (south) side of the Museum site and is where passengers normally start and finish their ride. Our ‘Langford’ station is less than half a mile from the position of the original Langford and Ulting Halt which was situated on the old Great Eastern Railway Maldon to Witham Branch Line, axed in the 1960s. You can view the original Langford Station sign inside the Museum.

Ticket Prices:
Adults – £2
Children aged 3 to 15 years – £1
Children 2 and under – free.
Family Ticket – £5 (2 adults & up to 3 children)
Please note that children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.


The Train will be running subject to weather conditions at the following times:-
1st Sunday of each Month (not January or February) – alongside the Model Village opening.
Thursdays During School Holidays
Event Days (please see the ‘2024 Show List‘ for details as to whether trains may or may not be running)

It is also important for visitors to be aware that the railway may not run steam locomotives on all days that the railway operates.


Further information about our railway

The L&BR features an overall roofed, two-platform Langford station and a basic halt.
Trains are vacuum braked. Entry to and from the station is controlled by upper quadrant semaphore junction and starting signals which are linked to the platform points and provide operating staff with enhanced visibility of route setting and add to the railway atmosphere for our visitors.
Visible and audible warnings for pedestrians at two foot crossings.
Two internal road crossings are equipped with level crossing gates which are controlled by operating staff and provide protection against any risk of collision with road vehicles.

2022-2024 STOCKLIST

  • 1/8 scale 0-4-0T dock shunter, based on Fred Stone’s Hercules design.
  • 1/4 scale Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Baldwin 2-4-2T, named Don in commemoration of the late Don Pettican, one of the team that built her.
  • 1/3 scale Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Manning Wardle 2-6-2T, TAW based on the Milner Engineering design for the class.
  • 1/4 scale Romulus type narrow gauge 0-4-0 with 4 wheel driving tender.
  • 1/3 scale Beyer-Peacock Garratt 0-4-0+0-4-0 Battle, based on the pioneer North East Dundas Tramway of Tasmania locomotive and named in honour of the late Stu Battle, who initiated its construction.


1/8 scale Rotherham Power Station Ruston & Hornsby 0-4-0D shunter Blaze No. 4.


1/8 scale British Railways English Electric Co-Co “Deltic” D9001 St. Paddy. A long term resident at the Museum of Power, previously unsuitable for service on the railway but now converted from petrol to battery electric traction.


No. 1 Carriage
No. 2 Guard’s brake carriage
No. 3 Guard’s brake carriage
No. 4 Carriage
No. 5 Carriage
No. 6 Driving carriage with coal bunker and water tank (currently awaiting overhaul)
No. 7 Driving brake carriage with coal bunker
No. 8 Carriage
No. 9 Convertible carriage / driving carriage
No. 10 Guard’s brake carriage


Permanent way bogie flat wagon with demountable upper deck.
All locomotives and rolling stock, with the exception of the Romulus 0-4-0, Ruston & Hornsby 0-4-0D and English Electric Co-Co were originally built by members of the group that operate the railway on behalf of the Museum of Power.


By Crane

By Road

By Rail


Proposed Running Days 2024

Every effort is made to ensure the Miniature Trains are running on the scheduled dates, however, to avoid disappointment please check with the Museum on the day prior to your visit.
Dates on the Museum Calendar page are regularly updated, but we suggest you contact the Museum if you are unsure if they are trains running before your visit.

The railway being narrow gauge 7 1/4″ or 184mm requires passengers to be able to sit astride the carriage. For stability reasons this also prevents us from carrying a person unable to leave their wheelchair, those that are able to access and sit astride the carriage are wellcome. CARERS accompanying a fare paying person requiring assistance are carried free.

The Motive Power Depot, or Engine Shed, is situated some distance from the station, down by the river. The depot comprises a building with three ground level roads plus a fourth raised level road for the storage of locomotives and rolling stock; two adjacent sidings for the assembly and preparation of trains; two short locomotive preparation/disposal roads over a large inspection pit and a road leading to an adjustable loading/unloading ramp for visiting locomotives.

Access from the main line is via a spur protected by ‘trap’ points, leading to a 14′ turntable which in turn serves all the sidings and shed roads. The depot has its own water tower and coal storage as well as an office and workshop and enables the crews to carry out the exacting work involved in the preparation of our locomotives and rolling stock for passenger hauling duties.
For safety, our trains are fitted with a powerful vacuum braking system which can be operated by either the Engine Driver or the Guard, who travels at the rear of the train.

The whole of the running line is inspected before we commence operations each day, as are the locomotives and rolling stock. For the safety and comfort of our customers, we operate and staff the railway in much the same way as on the ‘Big Railway’ except that, as we do not normally have a timetable, our trains are NEVER late!


If you would like to join the volunteer railway staff, full training will be given to enable you to become a Stationmaster, Signalman, Guard, or Steam or Non-Steam Engine Driver.

Either e-mail us via the ‘Contact’ page or tel: 01621 843183.