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Discover the Museum of Power

Discover the Museum of Power, a beautiful location with a wealth of historic resources to give your class a unique cross - curricular KS1 / KS2 learning experience. There are opportunities to explore many different subjects in a safe and intriguing environment. A visit to the Museum opens up a range of teaching resources not available in the classroom, based around the Museums’ wide range of interesting and engaging themes in full days or half days, including:

  • The Story of Water – The water cycle, water in and around the Museum - fun activities based on water and how we use it everyday
  • The Industrial Revolution - learn about the age of discovery and how Britain took the lead in world industry
  • Forces & Magnets - Learn the Science of Magnetism and how Forces are part of everything we do
  • Electricity – Learn how electricity was discovered, how we generate it today and how it works
  • Light & Sound - Discover how we see light and how we hear sounds, learn about sound waves and light reflection & refraction
  • Geography and Nature – the seven acre site sits either side of a significant river feature, the site is also home to a wide range of habitats and wildlife
  • History – centred around a listed building with historical threads to the evolution of engineering and links into the history of the local community
  • Art and design

Steampunk Science - School Visit

Give your class a unique cross-curricular KS1/KS2 learning experience at the Museum of Power

We offer our days either with or without a science and magic show with Dean Allen-Jones (Steampunk Scientist and Magician). Visits also include a chance to see our 'Astaria' Model Village. We also offer our learning experience to Home Education groups - contact the Museum for more information.


Prices with Dean: Half Day - £5.50 Full Day £6.50

Prices without Dean: Half Day - £4.00 Full Day £5.50

Refreshments available at the

Steam Pump Tea Room

(extra charges apply)

Comments from previous visits from pupils and teachers include:

"We went to the Museum and learnt about water. It was brilliant! We turned dirty water into clean water. I really liked it. I asked lots of questions. It was excellent."

"This is the best school trip I have ever been on, you have got the kids thinking and learning while having fun. Thank you so much."

We provide a range of written and visual material to help with the planning of teacher-led visits which can be accessed by the links at the bottom of this page.

Crazy Science

For Key Stage 1 and 2 we have a pre-prepared day visit plans (see above) like 'The Story of Water'. This visit includes a presentation by museum staff on water as a substance in its various forms, the water cycle and several practical activities involving water including: building a simple water filter; making a water wheel and powering it with water guns; exploring water pressure using leaky bottles and constructing a 'tippy tap' as used in many developing countries to reduce the spread of infectious diseases. The day aims to be fun as well as educational. As one year 2 pupil put it:

"We went to the Museum of Power and learnt about water. It was brilliant! We turned dirty water into clean water. I really liked it. I asked lots of questions. It was better than school. It was excellent".

To discuss a visit telephone our Education Visitor Coordinator James Gulleford on 01621 843183 or click here to e-mail us


School Education Days at the Museum of Power

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